Pastor Gary Parks

Gary B. Parks is a native of Los Angeles, California.  Pastor Parks attended Verbum Dei hih school and completed his undergraduate studies at CSULA.  He is an educator, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach in the LAUSD.

Pastor Parks has a heart of service.  Witnessing life-changing experiences by teaching biblical principles brings great satisfaction.  Pastor Parks said "beyond the walls of our safe sanctuary are hurting and broken people.  We are commissioned to speak Hope in dark places". 

Pastor Parks has been married to his wife Kristal Parks for four years.  Together, they are kingdom building brick by brick.   

Kristal Parks

Lady Kristal Parks is a native of Pasadena California. She is a Psalmist, author, and teacher of the word of God.  Together with her husband they are raising 5 beautiful children. 

Lady Parks is the Co-founder of the Dorothy Jean Foundation which focuses on mentoring inner city youth and providing aid to single parents and low income families.

Walking side by side in ministry with her husband, has been one of the most fulfilling calls in her life journey. Together with her husband she is committed to the call of ministry that God has designed for their lives.  

Pastor Marian Gardner

Pastor Marian Gardner is a native of Iroton Ohio.  She is an anointed women gifted to teach the Word of God.

Pastor Gardner is a women with a huge heart of love. She strives to show the love of Christ to all, she is drawn to those that are less fortunate and without love in their home.  

Pastor Gardner has Fostered over 20 children in her home and helped them to become functioning adults in society.  She is a devout supporter of L.O.V. Fellowship and always excited to share the Word of God!